Welcome to Takoma Village

Takoma Village Cohousing Residents & Guests, Fourth of July Celebration, 2013.

Takoma Village Cohousing Residents & Guests, Fourth of July Celebration, 2013.

Welcome to Our Website!

Takoma Village consists of 43 privately owned townhouses and apartments stacked and clustered around a central piazza and green. We are the only cohousing community in the nation’s capital and are located two blocks from the Takoma Metro Station on the Red Line.

We welcome diversity at Takoma Village and the richness of intergenerational living. Typical of most cohousing communities, we are an eclectic group with many cultural backgrounds, occupations, and interests.

Our “census” usually includes close to 65 adults and about 20 children, ranging in age from toddlers to teens. Also several dogs, many cats, lots of bicycles, and umpteen soccer balls.

Residents at Takoma Village enjoy a vibrant community life centered around exchanging mutual support, working together to maintain the buildings and grounds, sharing optional meals, and socializing. We make decisions by consensus.

The social life of Takoma Village is where the heart is. We share fun times (a summer campout, an annual pumpkin-carving party, holiday caroling), birthdays and baby showers, potluck meals and cookouts, and casual interactions any time we step out our front doors. Neighbors routinely support each other by exchanging child care, lending a hand or a tool, and running errands for one another.

A Guide to Our Website

Please look around our website for more information on cohousing in general and Takoma Village in particular. The menu bar at the top of the page leads to lots of information, including copies of our community policies, which might be helpful if you need examples, a history of Takoma Village, and information about our neighborhood.

For More Information

If you have questions about Takoma Village, please contact Steve by email at stevep@takomavillage.org or by phone at (202) 413-8351.

For corrections or suggestions about our website, please contact the webmaster.