Policy on Approval of Minutes and Notes

Approval of the minutes of Board and Membership meetings and notes of Team meetings are significant decisions and shall follow the process in the Decision-Making Authority and Accountability Policy.

1. Drafts for Corrections: A draft of the minutes or notes will be distributed to members, stating a method and time period for registering objections. For Membership Meeting Minutes, “members” includes all members of the Association. The Board and Teams may decide whether “members” includes all members or members attending the meeting.

2. Approvals: If there are no objections or they can be resolved, minutes or notes are approved and copies are distributed to all members of the community. If not, they must be placed on the agenda of the next meeting for resolution.

In the case of Membership Meeting Minutes, this approval will also be posted with the agenda of the next meeting and announced by the facilitator at the beginning of the meeting.

At the Membership Meeting of 11 Dec 2011, consent was achieved on a policy for the approval of Membership, Board, and Team Minutes. It required some wording changes that the members directed the Secretary to distribute for approval as significant decision.

Posted to tvc-members as a significant decision with no objections on 8 January 2012

Posted to the  takomavillage.org website 26 October 2012