Common House Guidelines for Hosts

Purpose: These guidelines are for all TVC hosts whose guests plan to use a CH ground floor room(s). The guidelines apply to:

  • guests coming for an event or meeting;
  • guests staying in TVC guestrooms; and,
  • guests staying in private homes.

Please review Guidelines for Guests with your guest or the guest contact person.

Before the Event: On the TVC online calendar, reserve the room(s) your guest(s)plan to use.

  • By e-mail and on the CH guest bulletin board, notify TVC of your guests and the date(s) of their visit.
  • Advise the guest contact person for a non-resident event that their group is requested to make a donation. (See over).

Your Presence: Your presence is required throughout the event, however, the C-Team may waive that requirement depending on the nature of the event. (Contact the C-Team.) However, your presence is always required at the start and end of the event to give any help needed and to assure the Guidelines for Guests are followed. Give the contact person your phone number. Please welcome the guests and show them the location of the restrooms, coat hooks in the vestibule, and First Aid kit. Let them know that TVC-ers are likely to walk through the CH to get mail, access the stairs and other CH spaces.

  • Identify for the guests what goes where among the trash and recycling bins.

Set Up and Clean Up:
If an event closely precedes or follows another event, both hosts for these events should communicate so that the room can be set up in the appropriate manner.  Please ask guests to:

  • Set up the tables and chairs as they wish and put back tables and chairs and furniture/toys in the Children’s Room after their use as you direct.

Keep the cork floor around the perimeter of the Dining Room clear of furniture to ensure accessibility for the residents.

  • When the event is over, wipe off all surfaces, sweep or vacuum the floor of the room used. (Cleaning equipment and supplies are located in the Laundry Room closet or under the kitchen sink. If appropriate, put the vacuum cleaner in a convenient place for their use.)
  • Remove trash, compost, and recyclables to the appropriate receptacles outside the CH back door.

Hosts should supervise any cooking and all the above.

Security and Safety: Unlock and lock interior CH rooms when appropriate. No copies of keys should be loaned or given to guests, except for guestroom keys.

  • Please pay particular attention to the items in Guidelines for Guests, Security and Safety regarding restricted areas in the CH and the need for adult supervision of kids.
  • When the event is over, please check that the cleaning has been done, trash and recycling taken out, all CH windows and doors are locked, and that the lights are turned off.

For cooking or dishwasher use, hosts should be present. No children are permitted in the kitchen.

Event Noise:  Events that are loud (amplified music, large groups, etc.) require pre-approval from the membership and should be submitted to the Community Team. TVC Bylaws state: “Unit Owners, residents and lessees shall exercise extreme care to avoid unnecessary noise or the use of musical instruments, radios, televisions and amplifiers that may disturb other Unit Owners.”

Privacy: Audio and visual recordings taken by media, academics, or any other person may take place and be used, only with the permission of members and guests who are present. This restriction includes: display of photos of members and/or their children on the TVC official web page; display of photos of TVC residents that other co-housing groups may wish to take and use; publication in any form by guests of written details of our meetings.

Donations: When space is reserved for non-resident events that charge admission, are revenue generating, or that use the CH facilities for an extended period of time, attendees are requested to make a contribution of either:

1)    $2.00 per person or a minimum of $25.00; or,

2)   Items from a suggested list of furniture, appliances, linens, etc. (Ask  the C-Team for a list); or,

3)    Time or labor for maintenance, TVC community workdays, or special projects.


The host is responsible for collecting any monetary donation and submitting it to the TVC Treasurer.

The examples cited below are offered to help clarify the issue of donations. We very much want the CH to be used as much as possible. Choosing to make a donation is a matter of discretion.

No Donation Requested

Non-profit groups meetings, such as bike trails.

Middle Atlantic Cohousing (MAC) mtg.

Work-related groups using CH for a few hours

Occasional neighborhood association mtgs.

Donations Requested

MAC conference for which an attendance fee is charged.

Work-related group using CH for ½ day or more.

Please give your comments and those of your guests to the Community Team. Thank you!