eMail Lists & Contact [Telephone] Tree Policy, 2001

Superseded (2007?)

Consent: 23 June 2001.

In order to address concerns for privacy in email communications, maintain an open forum, clarify the use of email, and to provide for a dependable non-email emergency and personal contact structure, the Communications Sub-Team proposes:

1. That be the only general email list that includes the information members need to stay informed of the business of the community. Business messages to this list should also be posted by the sender to the bulletin boards.

1.1. Messages to this list should be directly related to:

1.1.1. Team or Board business
1.1.2. Member sponsored activities
1.1.3. Individual member concerns

1.2. The name be shortened to [this name was found to be already taken];

1.3. Readers be limited to members, member-residents, and specifically approved persons;

1.4. Use of subject labels be encouraged to quickly identify content: URGENT, BIZ, FUN, ACT, Q.

2. That be a public list for discussion and exchange of nonsensitive information related to TVC, cohousing, member interests, or larger community issues.

By providing a private, low volume list for those who want private communications or wish to limit email, can become a more open list, allowing freer discussion amongst members and welcoming questions and discussion by the non-members on the list.

3. That a TVC member-resident Contact Tree be established and used to convey information:

3.1. that any member or resident prefers be conveyed by telephone or in person, or
3.2. that is necessary in case of emergency (such as a power outage or imminent threats to safety or well-being).

EVALUATION: All communications methods are subject to ongoing review and change as the membership deems necessary. In addition, this policy will be reviewed in six months from the date of receiving consensus.